The Studio Adeline Rispal‘s
main architectural activity is
focused on cultural projects,
as well as all kinds of urban,
architectural, commercial and
museum scenography

Its strategy aims to broaden the traditional scope of
architectural projects to include different approaches from
science, literature, and art, shifting the focus to the problems
arising from each individual project. This change of
viewpoint and holistic approach begets the interactions that
create original solutions, solutions that respect both the spirit
of the space, its genius loci, and the objectives of the client.
Viewed as an integral, coherent, and compatible part of the
architecture, scenography is the art of bringing Humankind
into contact with Humankind’s creations. The spatial metalanguage
that produces the main structure is added to the
other forms of communication at play within the exhibition
and its virtual creations, from the most tangible to the most
cerebral. In this way, scenography can be seen as an
architectural medium that bridges the gap between different
levels of expression to produce a coherent whole that is
more than the sum of a project’s diverse parts.
The Studio works through collaborative design with an open
network of partners, special consultants, researchers, and
users that stretches across Europe and throughout the world.